Almond Oil

Used for lubricating and can relieve irritation and inflammation.


A protein that makes up the fibrous support system from which skin is made. It gives our skin strength and elasticity and aides in the replacement of dead skin cells. 

Hyaluronic Acid

Stimulates tissue’s water retention capabilities; provides nutrients and remove waste from cells.


Absorbs and holds moisture in the skin to prevent dryness.

Olive Oil

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and rich in hydrating squalene.  


A nutrient-rich oil present in human sebum and involved in the process of cell growth. 

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant that promotes collagen production and strengthens the skin’s barrier against UV induced photodamage. 

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Aloe Vera

Remarkable healing properties that soothes and protects the skin.


Powerful nutrient that brightens and improves the appearance and condition of aging skin.

Isopropyl Palmitate

A palm oil based emollient, moisturizer and anti-static making skin softer and improving texture.

L - Proline

An essential amino acid that helps collagen stability. Keeps skin looking youthful by reducing sagging and wrinkling.  

Omega 3,6,7

With anti-inflammatory and photo-protective properties, this relaxes and soothes the skin.

Sunflower Oil

Prevents skin dryness and helps to restore moisture balance.

Vitamin E

Positive effects against skin aging. Promotes healing of eczema, burns, irritation and free radical damage.

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Avocado Oil

Reduces age spots, helps heal sun damaged and scars.

Green Tea Extract

A powerful antioxidant polyphenol with antiseptic properties.

Jojoba Oil

A natural cellular renewal ingredient as well as an excellent moisturizer. 

Macadamia Nut Oil

Gives skin a rich, soft feel.

Rose Hip Oil

Excellent for moisturizing skin, helping heal wounds, rashes, scarring and soothing sunburn.

Vegetable Oil

Softens and smoothes the skin while assisting with moisture retention.

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